Software development

React Native / React Development 

  • React Native / React Developers needed with knowledge of both technologies
  • At least one year of real-world experience in React JS and React Native JS creating front-end UI
  • Needs to understand the differences between the two technologies, as well as React Native Web
  • Arduino Developer with Python experience and engineering knowledge
  • Must be well-versed with the MQTT-SN protocol, microcontrollers, Raspbian, Arduino with simulators, BLE and BT 5+, some electrical engineering and/or computer engineering experience preferred
  • Apache VTL Developer
  • AWS AppSync

Job Overview

  • React Native / React Developers – 82.5 hours in Native, over 500 hours in React for web
  • Must be able to follow a detailed plan and create components per the specifications
  • Arduino Developer with Python around 46 hours work
  • Must be able to understand a free-body diagram, circuit diagram, and create circuits in a simulator
  • Will need to understand physics to program based on equations given
  • Apache VTL Developer roughly 100 hours to begin
  • Create request/response mapping templates in
  • AWS AppSync that are up to security standards

All developers will be given a comprehensive guideline for how to structure their code and best practices.

They will be expected to write documentation comments as they go so that a manual can be generated later.